Monday, June 27, 2022

More Aldi tea-shopping success

Success! Now this is the last time I plan to write about Aldi for a while, but I must tell you that I was absolutely delighted to go back and find these two teas that Susan B. had told me about. I had looked only in the regular tea and coffee section of the store, and she mentioned that she found her new teas in the middle aisles with the specialty foods. I returned and looked there, and voila, there they were!

I got both the Tropical Green Tea, which was light and refreshing, and the Peach Rooibos, which I absolutely adored! I'm a fan of most rooibos teas anyway, but this peach-flavored one tasted exceptionally fresh and had that caramel-like finish that I always enjoy in rooibos teas.

And goodness knows I need to stop buying a new sweet every time I go in there, but … may I just say that these Coconut Spritz shortbread cookies are divine? Alex agrees. A lot of the store-bought shortbread cookies I've tried were dry and hard, but these were light as air and oh so buttery.

And last but not least, if you're a fan of flavored sparkling waters like the La Croix drinks, try this Passion Fruit Sparkling Green Tea from Aldi. I rarely drink soft drinks anymore, but when I crave a little carbonated something, I reach for these low-calorie drinks, and I liked these even better than the La Croix ones!


  1. Your persistence was rewarded! And those coconut shortbread cookies DO look yummy!

  2. Oh, yum, I will look for those sparking teas whenever our Aldi finally opens. (Construction is proceeding, just not fast enough for me!) I do enjoy the Cherry flavored Bubly sparking water when I need a little refreshment in the late afternoon. I'm glad you were able to find the other teas you wanted to try - they all sound wonderful.


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