Friday, March 19, 2021

Tetley's Duchess Balmoral British Blend

So if you guessed Duchess Balmoral blend, like Joy did, you correctly guessed which tea I bought at Ingles last week! I prefer flavored black teas over plain black teas, and I always vote for the feminine over the masculine, so the blends with "duchess" and "lady" in the name, Duchess Balmoral and Lady Clarence, came out on top, followed by the gents, Lord Kensington and Earl Grey. However, when I saw Ginger's comment that she often judges a new tea blend by its Earl Grey, it dawned on me that this is very smart, as I know how a good Earl Grey is supposed to taste, so I may have to reconsider my tea-buying biases. 

So Joy will be receiving some of these tea bags in the mail. I like the graphics! It is indeed a "sweet and creamy" tasting vanilla-flavored tea, and I love it when a tea seems like a calorie-free dessert.

I like the boxes that dispense tea bags from the bottom, and the perforation on this box allows us to do exactly that.

I also like how the box calls Duchess Balmoral "the jewel in the crown," and now I'm eager to try another of these blends. (If  you've already tried one yourself, I'd love to hear about it!)


  1. We are indeed kindred spirits, my friend. I look forward to trying this tea, which is the one I'd have picked to try first, for the same reasons you picked it.Thank you!

  2. That sounds like it could be an interesting tea, although I usually avoid vanilla-flavored teas. But if you try the Earl Grey from this series, I would like to hear what you think of it. I'm a big fan of Earl Greys in general, and I also like Lady Grey. I haven't seen any of these Tetley "British Blends" since I'm not doing much shopping in stores yet.

  3. The Duchess Balmoral sounds nice. Hopefully this tea shows up in one of my local store.

  4. The boxes, alone, make me want to try these teas!
    I love the graphics! Susan in NC


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