Monday, March 15, 2021

Signs of spring


One sure sign of spring is that everyone is starting to do their spring cleaning. I took three boxes of books, clothes, and other castoffs to Goodwill on Friday myself. In the donation line, I was behind a woman whose SUV was filled with donations, and she said her husband was out of town for three weeks, so she decided it was a great time to purge his things, which I thought was funny. She apologized for the hold-up, but I told her she was fine and I was in no hurry. (Aunt Jane and I went shopping on Friday instead of Saturday because I wanted to be there in time to see niece Amelia get ready for her prom that evening!)

But even as I was patting myself on the back for donating some old tea wares I didn't want anymore, Fate led me to the ReThread Thrift Store, where I found this lovely English Crown Staffordshire bone china teacup for $1.99. Could you have left this behind? No, I didn't think so.

Then at the Salvation Army, I found a gorgeous set of four etched rose iced tea goblets, the large ones, for just 75 cents each. When I paid for them, I found out they were half off, so I got four pretty new glasses for $1.50!

Of course, I'm always stocking up on pretty plates for future gift giving …

And I'm not going to turn down a vintage rose plate at these prices. But the prettiest thing I saw on Friday wasn't in any store. It was …

My niece Amelia! At 15, she was attending the prom of her home school group, and I thought our self-described farm girl and dog lover looked lovely, but of course I am highly biased.

I'm told she and her friends had a great time, which was so nice to hear, although it makes me a little sad that she's growing up so fast!

Some of you who've been reading this blog for years may remember when Amelia and I went to tea at the American Girl store in years past, or when she helped me with her sister Cari's birthday tea one time.

And finally, since you all get to hear about Aunt Jane so often, I thought you'd like to see how happy she was to have her picture made with our sweet Amelia!


  1. First, your niece is a real beauty! As is your sweet Aunt Jane! (And her prom dress is gorgeous!) I've always thought how special it is the two of you shopping together.
    Several years ago my sister and I treated ourselves and took our dolls for lunch at the AG store. :)
    You always find the loveliest dishes at the thrift store.
    Blessings, Linda

  2. What a lovely young lady and her dress is lovely also.

  3. Thoase are very sweet photos of your Aunt Jane and your Niece Amelia. I really like Amelia's dress--and Aunt Jane's flannel shirt! Jane's shirt is more appropriate for me right now, as it has turned quite cold and windy here in DC.

  4. Your niece was so pretty in her prom dress. Loved seeing Aunt Jane too.
    And of course those iced tea glasses would have come home with me too, plus probably a plate or two.

  5. Amelia is beautiful. Her dress is so elegant. I love the color.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Nancy Carr

  6. I love all your thrifting finds, especially that teacup and saucer. But you're right, Amelia was certainly the prettiest thing you saw, and I'm glad you shared the photos with us.

  7. I hope Amelia had a wonderful time. Great picture of her and Aunt Jane.

  8. Lovely treasures - both the thrifting finds and your family.

  9. Stunning dress!! Beautiful girl. You always find the best thrifts at such "cannot leave behind" prices.


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