Wednesday, March 31, 2021

A royally good read

I started seeing this new People Royals magazine on the newsstands about two weeks ago but didn't initially pick it up. Then, I read online that this isn't just some special issue but is rather the premiere issue of a new quarterly publication from People that is aimed at royal watchers like me. So that tempted me to pick it up the next time I saw it at the grocery store.

My custom is to flip inside a magazine, and if I don't see at least three photos or stories that appeal to me, I put it back. This time, I flipped to this article right off the bat, and then I didn't have to bother looking for items two and three.

The Duchess shares not only info on how to make the perfect cup of tea but also a bit of tea history I had not heard before: our famous Anna, Duchess of Bedford, often credited with "inventing" afternoon tea, was the sister of Sarah Ferguson's great-great-great-grandfather Francis Russell, 7th Duke of Bedford. Did you know that? I did not. And I also didn't know that "Fergie" sells a line of tea and "biscuits" (cookies) in support of one of her charities. If the shipping from the UK weren't almost as much as the item itself, I'd have placed an order already. Still, I was happy to add this magazine to my stash of royal publications, and because of the tea article, I think some of you would enjoy it too.


  1. That magazine looks like it would be quite interesting, and I'm not surprised that tea is featured somehow.

  2. Thanks for the alert! I will definitely look for that magazine. I have Fergie's low-calorie cookbook "Dining with the Duchess," which I have always enjoyed.

  3. Thank you for sharing this lovely magazine. We subscribe to Majesty and Royalty. They are expensive but they are worth the money.They are for 12 months.
    Joan,Marion and Marilyn

  4. Now your review does tempt me to buy the magazine. And yes, the shipping from the UK is exorbitant. I bought some tea from a shop in London not too long ago and I was shocked at the shipping cost.


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