Friday, July 24, 2020

Tevive's Blueberry & Honey Tea

Do you consider yourself a tea snob? If you're reading a tea blog, I'm going to assume that you prefer fresh, good-tasting tea, and whatever your favorite type of tea, that you probably like to enjoy a high-quality tea, right? Me too. And yet, I don't consider myself a tea snob. If I'm on a road trip, I'll happily review a bottled tea I come across at a convenience store, and I've written plenty of times about finding good tea bags at Walmart and Target. And yet … I was never able to make my feet stop when I passed by the tea shelf at Dollar Tree.

But when I was picking up a few things there this week, I saw some boxes of Tevive Blueberry & Honey Pure Ceylon Black Tea. I'd seen a couple of other flavors of this tea there in the past but never tried them. But the combination of blueberry and honey sounded intriguing, and I thought, "It's a dollar. Live a little. Try it or you'll always wonder if it's any good."

And I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this tea! As soon as I opened the packet, I was struck by the scent of berries, and the tea tasted fresh and crisp with only the slightest astringency. It won't replace my favorite loose leaf tea vendors, but I was quite happy to find that tea is even available at the dollar store!


  1. For a dollar, sounds good!

  2. No, I don't consider myself a tea snob. I enjoy using tea bags--I don't have to always use loose tea. One thing I like that may seem snobbish to some--I don't like to drink tea out of a cardboard "sippy cup" like you get at most coffee shops--I want my tea in a porcelain cup or mug.

    1. Yuck! Me neither. I did learn when getting a snack at Barnes & Noble that they usually have at least a mug that they can make your tea in. Just ask the barista when you place your order.

  3. I’ve never noticed tea at the dollar store before. Now you’ve given me something to look for. Glad you enjoyed the tea.

  4. I'm too new to hot tea drinking to be a snob about it but you've hit on something with this blueberry honey tea because I've just recently started drinking a blueberry flavored coffee and I'm over the moon about it...So I'm going to have to trek over to the nearest Dollar Tree (about 40 miles round trip in my rural area of Georgia) to see if they have this on the shelf!! BTW the Charleston Tea Plantation Peach Tea is every bit as good as you said. I've had it hot several mornings now, but have yet to remember to make it as an iced tea. Must correct that!


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