Monday, July 6, 2020

Plantation Peach Tea from the Charleston Tea Plantation

Last week, the good people of Amazon delivered a new loose leaf tea I discovered while looking for a peach-flavored tea to try, and it was this Plantation Peach Tea. Since it said "100% American Grown Tea" and had a flag on the tin, maybe that was my sign that this was what I'd be sipping on the Fourth of July weekend!

The 2.3-ounce tin of tea was just $9.23, which I thought was a great price. And because I've been to the Charleston Tea Plantation before, it's kind of neat to have a tin featuring the tea fields I saw there.

As soon as I opened the tin, I was greeted with a nice peach scent, which was encouraging. Some peach-flavored teas don't taste (or smell) very peachy at all. This one did, but I wanted a bit stronger peach flavor, so I heaped my teaspoons full when I made the next 2-cup pot, and it was perfect. It's got the nice brisk flavor of black tea with only slight astringency, and the flavor reminds me of ripe, juicy peaches. I also made some of this tea and had it over ice, and it's great that way as well. So if you're a fan of peaches and looking for a new peach tea to try, I am happy to recommend this one!


  1. That's a very nice tea tin. And your photo of the tea itself is so clear, I can practically smell the peachiness!

  2. This is one of my favorite teas. I have visited the tea plantation twice and purchased this both times. Good to know Amazon sells it.

  3. Yum! I love peach tea, especially iced. I'll have to put that on my Amazon list. Enjoy!

  4. I happened to click this link from your side column because I have checked in on this plantaion over the years (virtually) and thought it would be fun to visit one day. Great to know Amazon sells it. I have several peach teas but it would be fun to try this one! 🍑


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