Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Teavana tea at Target

Since a trip to the grocery store continues to be the highlight of my biweekly retail shopping (especially with COVID-19 cases on the rise, alas), I am practically exuberant when I find a new tea at the grocery store. Over the weekend, I bought groceries at the Target in Carrollton, where I was happy to see social distancing measures being observed. And I was also happy to find a new Teavana bottled tea to try!

This one was the Peach Green Tea with Lemongrass & Mint. I tend to like most peach teas I've tried, and I was impressed by the bright, crisp, subtly minty taste of this one thanks to the added flavors of lemongrass and mint.

I didn't realize until I got home with it, though, that this tea was sweetened (I really *must* learn to read labels), but I did consume this bottle of tea in two servings, so there's that. This is only the second time I've come across this "craft iced tea" from Teavana, and the last time I found it was a year ago when I was in Texas. Have any of you tried any other flavors of this Teavana tea? I'd sure like to try them all!


  1. That sounds so refreshing, but I hope they have some flavors that aren't sweetened.

  2. I've never seen that but I would sure like to try it I'll have to keep my eye out for it. Thanks

  3. That tea does sound like it has an interesting combination of natural flavors. I myself am not a drinker of bottled tea, but I'm glad you found something you liked, even if it was sweetened. And you learned a lesson, too--always check the sugar content before buying anything!

  4. I’ve never seen this at my Target but I also haven’t been there in a while.

  5. Surprised to see Teavana as I thought they had gone out of business. Sounds interesting and maybe good, but generally I don't buy bottled drinks unless maybe I was on a road trip and got reeeeeally thirsty.


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