Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Christmas (planning) in July

Since I haven't been recreational shopping in a while, I've turned to eBay and Etsy as I look for vintage tea-themed Christmas goodies. I'm also thinking way ahead this year since, as the pandemic has certainly proven, it's impossible to even predict what Christmas 2020 will be like. I'm going to tell the kids in my family that I need their wish lists by November 1. I just have a gut feeling that 2020 is not the year to be doing any last-minute hunting. So on that note, I found a cute little vintage plastic ornament on eBay the other day for just $1. (And yes, the shipping was more than the item, but the total was still about what I'd pay for an ornament.)

I love that this ornament is still in the original Sears package. Remember when the Sears logo looked like that? And when those price tags all looked so "modern" with their computer-generated numbers and symbols? Good times.

I'm also planning ahead to when Hallmark releases its 2020 Tea Time ornament, which is still a few days away. (This charming set is the fifth and final set in the Hallmark Keepsake series by Tracy Larsen if you have been collecting them too.)

Earlier this year, I finally found a mini aluminum Christmas tree I like (thank you, Goodwill!), which will display my miniature tea-themed ornaments. A new one from Hallmark is coming in October, and I can't wait to get Edythe Kegrize's Tea Party Twirlabout, featured in the brief video above.

Are any of you planning for Christmas yet?


  1. I filled out my Hallmark wish list for that cute new ornament, which is supposed to mean they'll have one for me at my local Hallmark store. Other than that, I haven't really thought about Christmas much yet. Your Sears ornament is darling and I look forward to seeing a picture of your new tree all decorated.

  2. You lucked out in finding that cute little vintage teapot ornament from Sears! I have already bought one Christmas present, a kids' watch with hedgehogs on the band for my sister in North Carolina. She strongly "hinted" that it had just come out and she really liked it and it would probably sell out soon, so I figured I'd better buy it now. Of course, now I have to be sure and put it somewhere I can find it in December!

  3. Cute ornament. I’m sure online shopping has increased the past few months.


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