Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Wild Maine Blueberry Green Tea

For some reason I've been sipping out of this Blue Willow teacup a lot lately, and it seemed the appropriate cup to use when a friend gave me a belated Christmas gift of some Bar Harbor Tea Company Wild Maine Blueberry Green Tea the other day.

The gift giver, my friend Ruth, is from Maine, and over the years I have known her I've heard lots of marvelous stories of her childhood spent on an island in Maine. She has often gifted me with blueberry-themed gifts over the years, and of course a blueberry tea is quite welcome! This green tea had a delicate but distinctly fruity blueberry flavor, and I loved that it had no grassy taste.

I also liked the fact I opened the box and found those nice silken teabags inside. It's always a treat to find some of those, and I was quite impressed with my Bar Harbor tea. This is a new brand to me. Have any of you tried Bar Harbor teas, and if so what did you think?


  1. Good morning Angela
    I've had blueberry green tea before but I've never seen that brand. A thoughtful gift from your friend.

  2. HI Ang,

    I was in Bar Harbour on a cruise ship stop last September and went to that very tea store. It was really neat - modern and simplistic - and had a very knowledgeable staff.

    It was a pricey store.

    Let me know if you like that tea - I bought chocolate and vanilla tea as gifts for one of my tea society sisters there but none for myself.

    I can't type much yet, but wanted to say hi and let you know I am recuperating fine.


  3. Haven't tried that brand, but love blueberry. Your Blue Willow is such a classic pattern...I LOVE blue Willow, and all it's variations!

  4. One of the things I opurposely purchased on our trek to Maine in early fall was a basket of Maine blueberries....I found them in the Kennebunk area.... I love Maine!!!!

  5. The teacup looks very pretty with the blue on the box of tea!

  6. The blueberry green tea sounds delicious. Love the teacup you're drinking it in too!

  7. This does sound good. I wonder if your friend is that same person that wanted a tea cozy with blueberries? Just smiling. Someone would ask me that every year at the World Tea Expo. Love the packaging on this tea too.


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