Friday, February 22, 2013

Teavivre's Jin Xuan Milky Oolong

The latest of the Teavivre tea samples I've tried is their Jin Xuan Milky Oolong, what they describe as a "classic Taiwan oolong." I do enjoy oolong teas, and the fun with this one came from the moment I opened the package and saw those tightly rolled little balls of tea. The tea leaves had a very crisp, fresh scent.

After I steeped the tea in my tasting cup with boiling water for just about 2 minutes, I loved seeing how large the leaves had expanded! These were about 2-1/3 to 3 inches long, and I like seeing this with my tea, sometimes, as a reminder that tea really does come from a real live plant!

The tea had a lightly floral scent and a slightly vegetal taste which I very much enjoyed. But I have to say, the appearance of this tea was as enjoyable to me as its taste! I guess I've been sipping lots of teabag teas lately, and even though they taste good, I can't say a teabag ever gives me the enjoyment of seeing the wet leaves as you see here. Do you get that way about your tea? Is it crazy to find beauty in a cup of wet tea leaves?


  1. It's the true gardener in you coming out Angela. You're right when you say looking at a tea bag doesn't remind one that what's in the bag originated from the leaves of a plant.
    I've never tried an oolong tea, I have my favourites that I drink regularly but should ask to try one at the tea store the next time I'm in.

  2. I love teas that are full leaves or blossoms like this. It may be be one of the reasons my favorite is Harney & sons chamomile. You can clearly see the chamomile blossoms - it just looks fresher than other teas.

    Oolong is probably the tea I dislike the most. My husband, a big tea drinker, does like it. He was drinking Lasung Oolong at his desk one day at work when his boss came in & asked him who had been smoking. We get a good laugh out of that knowing his boss so well! I must agree though, I can't get past the smokey scent or taste of Oolong. Though I would be tempted to try this one just because of the leaves.

  3. It is fascinating to see and smell the infused leaves and to compare the dry and wet leaves. I'm drinking a first flush Darjeeling right now, but you've inspired me to brew some oolong.

  4. Thank you for the review, Angela- always so informative and helpful to us all.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. I am looking at my old Mary Mac's Tea Times Newsletter from 1993........I have some of them.......then those were not in print and I started getting The Tea Time Gazette. As you know those are no longer printed. SO happy I found your site. I love tea.

  6. I think tea is beautiful. I love using a clear tea pot for this reason.


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