Friday, February 15, 2013

My $3 spoon rest

When I was out looking for little trinkets to give away over Valentine's Week this year, I must confess I did buy something for myself. I had actually passed by this polka dotted box at T.J. Maxx many times, but then one day I saw it said "Polly Put the Kettle On" and whatever the spoon rest inside looked like, it was just $3.

Interestingly, I have actually *needed* a spoon rest! When I'm cooking spaghetti or something with a messy sauce, I use vintage rose dishes to hold the spoons, and I'm forever staining them, which isn't good. This $3 piece, I don't think I'll mind messing up!

And of course a cute teapot graphic never hurts!


  1. It's cute. I have a pottery spoon rest I bought at a crafters fair one time that sits on the stove between the burners and I use it regularly.

  2. Very cute, Angela, and at a great bargain price too!

  3. Very cute! Back to TJM to find one for me.


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