Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tea Room glass candleholders

Building my collection of Tea Room Depression glass has been slow go, mainly because I'm just not willing to invest a whole lot in it. I've been admiring these pink Tea Room candleholders for a couple of years now, but I've usually seen them for around $125 a pair. I got these for about $100 off that on eBay recently!

I am really smitten with this 1920s and 1930s era pattern that was once used in tea rooms and soda fountains. These candleholders were in mint condition and didn't have the chips so often found on Tea Room pieces. I wonder if that's because candleholders perhaps weren't banged around on tables as the sugars, creamers, teacups and plates once were.

Some collectors, I've read, have a spell if there are air bubbles in a piece. My understanding is that this was a common feature in Depression glass, so it doesn't bother me a bit.

And this is an aerial view of one candleholder. The tiered pattern is one of the ways I'm learning to identify Tea Room glass, and I hope by showing it on here every now and then, you tea friends (especially ones in the Atlanta area) will send an alert if you come across any bargain-priced Tea Room glass that you don't want for yourself!


  1. Your pink Tea Room Depression Glass candleholders are lovely. What a great eBay find.

  2. So happy for you !!!!
    Lovely candleholders.
    Sounds like an excuse for a Summer Tea.

  3. Beautiful! Let me know if you ever get tired of this:)

  4. These candle holders are beautiful! Lucky find for sure.

  5. After a long day in the antique stores this is a goooood find!! How fun!

  6. I have always loved the pink depression glass! What a great find! I love browsing eBay for finds like this!! :)

  7. Very pretty. And your patience paid off. :-)


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