Monday, June 20, 2011

A sweet and rosy deal

There really needs to be a support group. "Hello. My name is Angela, and I'm addicted to dishes." I was in a local antique mall last week innocently looking for a single blue dish, which I found, but my goodness, this rosy pale pink teacup and saucer naturally caught my eye. I glanced at the price tag. It read $22. Hmm. That's probably average for a set like this, isn't it? But ...

What if I told you it was $22 for the trio? Would that make you feel better about it?

OK then. What if I told you it was $22 for TWO trios? How 'bout that?

Well shoot. You folks drive a hard bargain. What if I told you it was $22 for the whole shebang of 16 pieces in mint condition? That's six teacups, four saucers and six dessert/salad plates of "Tuscan Fine English Bone China, Made in England." You would have gotten them too, wouldn't you? (I know Linda J. or her friend Mary would have!) Once I realized the bargain ($1.375 each piece, I did the math), I knew these wouldn't be there next time I went in the store. In fact, I got up to the register and the lady in front of me smiled and said, "I almost got those! That's a great deal." I thanked her for leaving them for me.

And then I went home and had a celebratory cup of tea. And I'm not ashamed to tell you!


  1. I definitely would have gotten them, too, lol! Great find!

  2. A BARGAIN indeed!
    I would not have been able to pass that up. I am sure your cup of tea was even better in this lovely cup and saucer since it was the deal of day, Angela.

    Support Group for China Addicts? Do we really want to be cured?
    Raising my cup to a fellow bargain hunter.

    Mary Jane

  3. What a steal! The set is absolutely gorgeous!

    Support Groups for China Addicts - I definitely need to be up in the front roll at one of meetings! LOL!

  4. Your Tuscan china is lovely. I really like the pink rose pattern with the touch of blue. Talk about a bargain buy - wish I could tag along on some of your shopping trips. :-)

  5. Wow! Your treasure hunt really paid
    off ! That is a tea party in a shopping bag ! Just add tea and guests !

  6. I love it! Now I don't think I could resist that either. That is one of the most pretty pink flowered teacups I have seen in awhile.

  7. Wow, what a great buy. You find the best deals!

  8. Those are such pretty rosy teacups. You really did find the bargain of the month!

  9. Oh, yes, I'd have bought them in a heartbeat! They are indeed lovely. There's not much that's is better than a lovely bargain.

  10. That was a beautiful bargain, and impossible to pass up!!!
    Hello, my name is Linda. May I join your dish addiction group? *smile*


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