Friday, June 24, 2011

Crystal Light Green Tea Peach Mango

After reading about some new powdered drink mixes from Bigelow, I headed to the grocery store to see if they were in stock yet. Alas, no, but I did find this box of Crystal Light Green Tea Peach Mango. I haven't had Crystal Light in years, so I decided I would give this flavor a try.

Unlike some other beverage mixes I've bought recently, this one does actually contain tea. During the summer, I love to keep these tea mixes in my purse or tote bag so that a flavored glass of cold tea is always within easy reach.

And this one? Delicious! The peach and mango flavors really shine through. Another observation: If a tea mix turns dark brown in the bottle, I usually don't like it. If it's light colored, I do. Wonder why? Perhaps the coloring affects the flavoring? At any rate, I very much enjoyed this Crystal Light Green Tea Peach Mango and plan to buy it again. If you've tried any tea mixes this summer, I'm open to recommendations!


  1. Sounds good and so easy to pack & run. I've always got a bottle of water running out the door!

    I've posted my favorite recipe for Summer iced tea. Hope you try it!

  2. Thanks for the review. I've seen this but, since I'm avoiding artificial sweeteners for a while, I haven't tried it. I'll have to try it one of these days.

    I'm curious about Bigalow mixes too. I'll be anxious to hear your thoughts.


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