Monday, February 28, 2011

The 2011 Southeastern Flower Show

The springlike weather here in Georgia was much enjoyed by those of us attending the Southeastern Flower Show in Atlanta on Friday. I went with my friends Deberah and Amy, and we saw so many gorgeous things, which I'm sure Deberah will be writing about on her blog as well! "In Tune with Blooms" was the theme of this year's show, so many of the displays and exhibits were inspired by famous tunes. My favorite table setting was this one inspired by the song "Nature Boy" by Nat King Cole (and who doesn't love Nat King Cole!). I loved everything about it, from the rich tapestry looking fabric (it wasn't really tapestry; I touched) to the burlap overlay and the teawares on the table ... just lovely. They even had a cabbage teacup topping the iron chandelier ...

... and a cabbage teapot on the table! Perfect!

At left, you'll see a creative idea for a nature-inspired "pedestal" for serving.

I also liked this "stump" seating, which featured cute cushions. I just adored this display!

One of the more elegant garden club table settings was a tribute to Elton John, who lives part-time in Atlanta.

The glasses were a nice touch!

In the display gardens, I loved these mossy chairs the moment I saw them! Probably wouldn't be very comfortable to sit in, but oh my, how lovely!

Several of the retail exhibitors created wedding displays, and this one from A Legendary Event in Atlanta was stunning!

They created this amazing canopy from sheer ribbon, dangling crystals and glistening butterflies.

As gorgeous as it was at the flower show, I can only imagine how magical such a thing would be on site at a wedding!

Speaking of gorgeous, I truly enjoyed this display of "My Fair Lady" inspired floral designs, which remind me of my mom's head vase collection.

I'm rather partial to this film since it won Best Picture the year I was born and stars Aubrey Hepburn, with whom I share a birthday!

And finally, no flower show would be complete without a visit to the vendor aisles. This year there was a very elegant booth with lovely glass and antique silver.

And these stained glass nightlights caught my eye as well. But if you'll come back tomorrow, I'll show you my prize purchase, which was -- strange as it may sound -- the *prettiest* composting bin ever!


  1. What a nice way to spend the day with friends! I am anxious to see your purchase.

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  3. Everything inspires, but those "hats" are so grand!

    I just love garden and flower shows. Looks like you had a wonderful time.

    Mary Jane

  4. What a fun day, Angela! I love how tea pairs so perfectly with
    gardening! I drolled over the
    photo with the silver tea set.
    It made me think of Alda Ellis'
    comment one year at the World
    Tea Expo -- Silver is the jewelry of the table.

  5. What a way to spend a spring like day!

  6. Great post today, Angela - I love all the photos! I felt like 'I was there.' They do such a good job and the displays are so creative. Thanks for a great report, Joanie

  7. I just love show like this one. Isn't it funny, but almost always you can find something relating to tea. Thanks for sharing.

  8. That wedding canopy is gorgeous! You should put some moss chairs in your tea garden.

  9. I love it all! The wedding display literally took my breath away. So beautiful! I would never tire of seeing something like that!


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