Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sweet Valentine's Sweets

I was, and then I wasn't. I originally was going to make heart-shaped cookies for a few friends for Valentine's Day this year, but I was bummed that I never found any scalloped heart-shaped cookie cutters, and I didn't think to look online soon enough.

But then, as luck would have it, on Saturday I was about to leave one of the cute antique shops in Woodstock (more on *that* in days to come) when I spied the cookie cutters I'd wanted! So back to the register I went.

I used my never-fail sugar cookie recipe from that fine book I can't recommend highly enough, "Cookie Craft" by Valerie Peterson and Janice Fryer. I think my favorite way to enjoy them is unadorned with a cup of tea! But because it was Valentine's, I had to spruce them up a bit before giving some away.

Some of the cookies I simply drizzled with melted pink candy coating.

Some were lightly spread with the candy coating and then embellished with pink pearl nonpareils.

And some were just cutouts filled with readymade strawberry frosting.

To my delight, those were not the only sweets I saw on Valentine's Day! My friend Deberah helped one of her grandsons make these sweet old-fashioned treats. I love the embellished sucker, and of course I never met an M&M I didn't like!

And when I arrived at work I learned my friend Susan had dropped off a (beautiful!) plate of her famous baked goodies for me. Brownies and Red Velvet Cupcakes and Chocolate Covered Strawberries, oh my!

I had to ask about the cute embellishment on the brownie. Using melted chocolate bark she traces the design onto wax paper and then melts pink candy to add some color. Sweet treats: Fun to give, and mighty fun to receive!


  1. So many yummy treats, forget the diet.
    I have my mother's old metal scalloped heart cutter but because it's solid except for a small hole in the centre under the handle, it's very hard to get the cookie dough to pop out.
    Your hearts look delicious, is your recipe posted somewhere on your blog?

  2. All these sweets are perfect for Valentine's Day. I'm glad you found the cookie cutters you have been looking for.

  3. Delightful treats. This is my first visit to your blog and I just joined up to follow.I will be back many times.

  4. What lovely treats, Angela! I'm so glad you found the cookie cutters you were looking for - it was meant to be! And the lollipops, too cute! Thanks for sharing and have a great day, Joanie

  5. Lovely cookies. I love that book too. I think you were the one that brought it to my attention. Your friend's treats look wonderful too.

  6. How pretty, festive & obviously delicious! Valentine's Day is always a balance for me...I LOVE chocolate but I'm allergic to it! So...I play what can I get away with!

  7. Your cookies are so fun to see. This is what I usually do for Valentine's, but they are never as beautiful as yours. This year I varied my baking and made a cake instead. I was almost ready to send you my heart cookie cutter, so happy you found what you wanted.

  8. With the melted chocolate design... my girlfriend spells our names and tops them on whipped cream of our desserts! That simple trick makes it soooo special and over the top beautiful!


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