Friday, February 11, 2011

The stationery giveaway winner is ...

Joanie! And since I know where you work, I'll drop these off as I'm out running errands today. Congratulations!

I sure enjoyed reading everyone's "rosy" thoughts yesterday! Teresa's comment to that post asked what *my* favorite color of rose is. It's a very precise shade of pink I think of as "vintage pink," and it's not too peachy and not too bubblegum pink, just a softly faded pink that looks like it came from the 1940s! (Probably way more than you wanted to know!)


  1. What a wonderful surprise, Angela -I just got in from Afterschool (we had a Valentine's Party today!) and your Contest notification MADE MY DAY!

    How sweet of you to drop it off - I will be by and pick it up, you're the best!

    This has been such a fun week, with all your vintage Valentines and postings! You true-ly are a 'Sweet-tea!'
    Have a lovely weekend and thank you, Joanie

  2. Congrats! Stationery is one of the best gifts, I just love it!

  3. Fabulous prize package, Angela!
    Oh my goodness, the items you selected are just beautiful and I love the colors:

    the 'twisted' notepad, 'with love' notecards, notes with flags (what gorgeous colors!), the beautiful emery boards, your lovely note, which I will treasure and the teas - the Ahmad English Tea with the London scene, Bigelow's Vanilla Chai, yum! and Stash Cinnamon Vanilla - can't wait to try all three! I am going to share with my husband and son.

    I can't thank you enough, Angela, for your daily posts, they always 'brighten & enlighten' the day and you are one of the most generous folks I know, so thoughtful too, it is such a pleasure to know you.

    Thank you for all that you do and here's wishing you & yours the sweetest of Valentine Weekends,


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