Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Giveaway Week - Day #7

For my final vintage Valentine for 2011, I thought I'd share what is probably my rarest find, this "honeycomb" Valentine featuring a girl holding a tea kettle. These are called "honeycomb" pieces because that's the design of the tissue paper when opened.

And, of course, it folds flat for storage. This is the only tea-themed honeycomb Valentine I've come across that was in my price range (i.e., cheap). I've seen two other, much more elaborate designs featuring teapots in a honeycomb design, but they sell in the $60-$100+ range and I'm just not that serious a collector!

Today we wrap up Valentine's Giveaway Week with a special giveaway I hope you'll like, this filet crochet "Teatime" doily I made just for one Tea With Friends reader! You can use it on a tea table or tray, frame it and hang it in your dining room/tea room, drape it over the back of a chair or sofa, stitch it to a pillow, and no doubt there are other uses I haven't even thought of! It's my way of saying thanks for visiting my blog, whether you're a longtime reader or someone who just discovered it last week. I'm grateful for all of you!

So I've made it pretty clear that Valentine's is my favorite holiday, and now I'd like to know what yours is! Christmas? Easter? Fourth of July? You'll be entered to win this doily if you'll just leave a comment answering that question before 7 a.m. EST tomorrow. And for this giveaway, you can win no matter where in the world you live! Thanks for all your kind comments and for making this such a fun Valentine's Week!



  1. I think ours might be Halloween because of the extra dose of creativity it ads to our lives.

  2. Beautiful handmade TEATIME doily,
    I love all the holidays but I
    especially enjoy Easter... new life
    that comes with the beginning of spring as well as the new life that
    the holiday signifies.

  3. My favorite holiday is allows me to make things to give and to use for decorations. I love the sparkle of it.
    By the way, I love your honeycomb valentine. I really love anything honeycomb - haven't attempted yet to make paper honeycomb...
    Thanks for sharing such fun valentines.

  4. I'm not sure I have a favorite holiday. If we judge by my decorating-- it must be Christmas.
    I absolutely adore the filet crochet "teatime" giveaway today. Ever since you first introduced me to filet crochet, I have been hooked. Matter of fact, I think you are responsible for my love of vintage tea valentines as well. Thanks for sharing so much of yourself in such an informative way! Happy Valentine's Day!!!

  5. That is the cutest Valentine yet - you have a great collection.

    Angela, your "Teatime" filet crochet doily is a wonderful piece - you certainly are multitalented.

    As for my favorite holiday, I'll have to give that more thought.

    Happy Valentine's Day

  6. Oh my goodness!! This is definitely an over-the-top giveaway! Christmas is my favorite holiday because the children get so excited anticipating all the festivities and gift-giving. Birthdays are not holidays, but I love to celebrate birthdays.

  7. I love Thanksgiving - a time to think about all that we are gratful for plus all the good food! Cindy

  8. Oh, what a beautiful doily!! You are one talented lady. My favorite holiday is Valentine's Day too, mostly because of the colors I love.

  9. My favorite holiday is Christmas. I love to give gifts but even without all of the giving I love the celebrations. We start celebrating early in December & do things all through the New year.

    Tea is a big part of all our family celebrations too. I have a special family teapot for Christmas celebrations.

    I can't believe you made this doily! It's beautiful & I'd love to win it.

  10. What a lovely giveaway. Today -Valentines _is my 41st wedding anniversary so surely I should be the winner although I guess I am already one with my husband !
    Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday -about Family without all the hype. Easter is special because of its spiritual meaning too.

  11. Angela, the doily is beautiful! You must have spent tons of time making it... thank you for using it as a give away. My favorite holiday is Christmas, such a peaceful time of year.

    Happy Valentine's Day! Thank you for making it special...

  12. Your filet creation is a masterpiece!
    An heirloom crochet piece !

  13. Oh, that is sweet indeed! Happy Valentine's Day!

  14. Angela, Your doily is beautiful. My favorite holiday is Valentine's Day, our daughter married on that day!!! Christine

  15. You certainly exhibit the heart and soul of Valentine's Day, Angela. Sharing your exquisite handmade work of art is a lovely gift of yourself. Thank you for all of the love and happiness you spread each day as you share your ideas, treasures and thoughts with all of your readers.
    I think I already told you that my favorite holiday is Valentine's Day too so I will be celebrating in a big way today with my wonderful husband and sending out wishes for a Happy Valentine's Day to all.

    Mary Jane

  16. Christmas would be my favorite holiday. The spirit of Christmas and the hope it offers (in spite of the commercialism & consumerism)
    Beautiful doiley.

  17. Dear Angela, I love your Valentine card today - it is precious! And to think that it lasted so well over the years, that's remarkable.

    Your handmade doily is beautiful and what a treasure - you are so creative and multi-talented. You are a 'Renaissance Woman!' I have so enjoyed Valentine's Week with you, it has been so much fun!

    I love Valentine's Day, but my favorite holiday is Halloween.
    Hope you and your sweetheart have a lovely holiday - thanks for making mine so special, Joanie

  18. Hi Angela!
    Wow, what a great doily! That takes some serious talent! I'd love to learn crochet some day! I think my favorite holiday is Christmas, I love getting the house all gussied up and the way everything sparkles and shines and is oh, so cozy! I'm always bummed when I have to pack it all up... the house looks so sterile.
    Anyhoo, please toss my name in the hat for your wonderful giveaway!

  19. Your teatime doily is very, very pretty. How great to be able to crochet so artistically!

    That Valentine is so sweet! I see what you mean about the high prices being paid for them on E-Bay, though I sure do enjoy looking at all of them. :)

    After much pondering, my favorite holiday is Easter. God's gift eternal brings such peace to my soul. The warmth, flowers and new life bring joy.

    Happy Valentines to all! Many thanks Angela for such a fun and pretty week you've given us.

    Love , Carol B.

  20. Angela,
    Thank you for creating such a lovely momento of Valentine Week 2011 to share with your readers.
    My favorite holiday is Christmas. When I take out all the treasured ornaments and decorations, I relive moments with those women in my life who meant so much to me---my mom, my grandmothers, my best friend from college---all gone now, but all tea drinkers, who shared that most civilized of all beverages with me.

  21. Christmas is my favorite holiday- the whole season! I homeshcool our kids, and we take the entire month off to celebrate Jesus' birth. What a beautiful doily you made!

  22. I love ST. Pat's.
    WOW you saved the best for last. What a wonderful doily !!!!!! Thank You for such a special week of vintage Valentine's and special tea give aways. I love your blog and read it daily.

  23. What a pretty doily. I also have loved all the vintage Valentine's you have shared.

  24. I like them all, but Easter has to be my favorite because of the reconciliation that I have because of Christ's sacrifice.

    Love your creativity and I can just see this doily framed with a red background in my "tea" dining room!!

  25. What a pretty crochet piece you made. You are very talented. I guess Christmas is my favorite holiday. Looks like last week was the wrong week for me to take vacation. :-) So many pretty things that you so generously gave away.

  26. Your doily is very special! I know
    all the work it takes to make something so beautiful. My favorite holiday is Valentine's because I love all the hearts and flowers.


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