Saturday, February 12, 2011

The teacup journal giveaway winner is ...

Linda J.! And since I have your address I'll get this in the mail to you on Monday. Also, violet lover Gwen asked where I got the journal. It came from my local Ross store. (Let me know if you can't find one or don't live near a Ross and I'll be on the lookout for you. I don't mind being a "personal shopper" for tea friends!)

And don't forget that even though it's "Tea Sandwich Saturday," there is a Valentine's blog post and giveaway today as well, which appears below the sandwich one. Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. Oh, Angela, I don't have a Ross anywhere near me. I have only been in one of those and it was in St. Augustine. I would be ever so grateful if you would look out for one for me!! Linda J. can vouch that I am good for the money! (smile) I am glad she won that one.

  2. Oh! I just love little notebooks and journals! Thanks so much. I am not familiar with the Ross stores, either. Hi to Gwen, the violet and tea fanatic. *smile*


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