Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The tea lover's compost bin

Shopping at the flower show is one of the things I most enjoy, for it's there you get to see new and unique products you just don't come across every day. Now I have been wanting a countertop compost bin forever (or at least two or three years), but I just haven't liked the stark, stainless steel look of many of them. This one practically had my name written on it! It's just the right size for collecting kitchen scraps and, yes, teabags! I have been wanting to compost for so long, and I'm definitely ready to give it a whirl.

When I got home, I saw this plate on the side of my new bin and realized it was made by Burgon & Ball in Sheffield, England. As an Anglophile, that made me pretty happy!

The bin came with two matching paper liners, but I imagine I'll just be asking for paper bags at the grocery store. Or lining the bin with newspaper. Coming across such a fun item at the flower show made me glad I had been saving my Christmas gift money for just such a treat!


  1. I Really like this ! I too have wanted an "attractive" counter top composter. Good find !

  2. How cool is that!!!??? I love enamelware & have an old one on the counter. Have never seen a compost binwith style! Love it!

  3. I need that also to put all my loose tea and coffee grounds in.

    Love the color of it

    I don't have any more room in my small kitchen for another item LOL


  4. We have a small plastic container for composting. This is our first year. Then we have a wooden box in the back yard to dump them in. I didn't realize you could compost tea bags.

  5. I just love, love your Compost bin. It is perfect for the tea lover.

  6. I'll have to say that is the prettiest compost bin I've ever seen.

  7. Love the design and the color - great find! Leave it to the Flower Show to come up with such a nifty item. Glad you found it and shared it with your readers, Joanie

  8. That's the neatest one that I've ever seen. You found a jewel. We have been composting on and off for years. The plants sure do thrive when we add it to the soil. Thanks for showing your neat find.
    Love, Carol B.

  9. That is a great looking compost bin. I don't have a compost pile in the yard, but I do put used tea leaves on my rose bush.


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