Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Love Baking? Love Tea? You'll love this magazine!

We interrupt today's regularly scheduled blog post to bring you this important public service announcement: Yesterday I discovered a new British magazine on the newsstand that you are going to want to get your hands on! It's called Love Baking, and this Garden Party issue is packaged in a cardboard type envelope.

Inside, you'll find the magazine and all kinds of extra goodies including:

A cute cardboard cakestand that you can assemble in about 30 seconds flat!

You can make the base pink or turn the pieces over to feature blue. Wouldn't this be great for a picnic tea? No fear of breakage!

And there are cupcake wrappers and rose printed toppers as well.

The whole kit and kaboodle sells for $14.99 at Barnes & Noble, and oh my goodness, wait'll you hear what's inside the magazine itself! Treats like Vintage Rose Cupcakes.

Lady Grey Cupcakes.

There are stunning teapot and teacup cookies, and oh, so much more! The feature on Teatime Treats includes Cherry Tarts, Pink Macarons, Luscious Lemon Squares and more. And I do hope I've not encouraged too much shopping lately, but I can't bear to think of a tea lover not knowing about this magazine!


  1. Woo hoo! I'm always checking Chapters for card making magazines so I hope I can find this one. It looks really interesting, thanks for sharing it Angela.
    One of the magazines I bought (UK of course) had fairy stamps I really wanted and ended up ordering - cost me a pretty penny but they're not available here and are unique.

  2. Thanks, Angela!

    Gotta get over there quickly for that one, looks AWESOME!!!!!

  3. This magazine looks worthy of a visit to my nearest Barnes & Noble store! Thanks for the heads-up!

  4. I just need to send you some money, and tell you to buy two of everything... send me the extra!

  5. Oh, we don't have a Barnes and Noble here! Have to see if I can order it online. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I agree with Nancy's comment above! Life in a small town has advantages, but shopping is not one of those. OK, let's see... I have an appointment in Lexington tomorrow morning. I have to be back here for AJ's orthodontist appointment at 12:45. Should I squeeze in a stop at Barnes and Noble or the stop at American Eagle per Austin's request? I'll report back after tomorrow. :-)

  7. Love your "heads up" shopping alerts - please don't ever stop. I may have missed out on some fabulous finds if not for you. One guess where I'm stopping on the way home from work tonight!

    Margie in CA

  8. Wow - cupcakes are all the rage - there is a new cupcake store 2 doors down from my shop - it is doing very well! Cute posting here!

  9. You find the neatest things to share.

  10. Oh MY!!!! I love it! A must have!

    Thank you kindly for sharing this wonderful treat!


  11. I agree with Rosemary: I need to set up an account - 'Whatever Angela Finds is O-K by Me!'

    Maybe I could start it off with a $50. 'seed money fund,' then add to it, periodically...Angela, you do find the neatest things! Thanks for sharing, Joanie

  12. Did you see the teapot cupcake stands on page 44? They're adorable! I've found some on eBay I think I'll be ordering form my next tea.

  13. My Barnes and Noble did not have this.
    Does the magazine/publisher have an 800 # where this can be ordered by phone?
    Many Thanks

  14. Fun magazine. I will have to go searching.


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