Friday, October 28, 2011

New uses for old tart tins

Suddenly, I'm seeing tart tins everywhere I turn. I saw some stored neatly in a glass jar in a magazine not long ago, and I decided that would be a tidy way of storing mine—and reminding me to use them! In the past, I've used them to bake teatime treats such as these Raspberry Financiers and also to cut out tea sandwiches.

In the 2011 Christmas with Southern Living book, they are stacked in the shape of a Christmas tree and used to decorate a tea tray.

In Christmas Ideas magazine, they're used as ornaments.

I still want to save mine for actual cooking and baking, but I do like these clever ideas!


  1. oooh, I love tart tins! Thanks for highlighting them and giving us some ideas of how to use them decoratively!

  2. Such an amazing idea! I've got all these old cookie cutters in different holiday shapes that would make great ornaments as well!

  3. I have a whole box of these tins a friend gave me in the original box. I don't want to get rid of the box, but I was just looking at them and thinking I should do something with them. I thought about hanging them on the tree, but I have plenty of ornaments. I think I just like looking at them in the jar. I have a candy jar that might work. Now you have stirred my thinking. Cookie cutters is a good idea too. Also thought of lining them on the mantel with small candles in them.

  4. These are clever ideas.... and I have a ton of old tart tins tucked in boxes! Must work on getting them out of their hiding places!

  5. Great post, Angela - I love the photos! It's amazing to see how 'everyday items' can look so special & pretty, when grouped together. More good ideas from 'Tea With Friends,' Joanie


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