Monday, October 24, 2011

The Tovolo Teago Mobile Tea Press

While at T.J. Maxx over the weekend, I came across a new style of tea infuser that was so intriguing I knew I had to get it. The packaging actually made it look more complicated than it is, but I do believe this infuser is going to prove quite useful.

"Enjoy loose leaf tea anytime, anywhere," it said. Upon closer inspection, I realized the plastic cover, at lower right in the packaging, is what makes this tea press "mobile." (It's BPA free, by the way.)

Here's what it looks like out of the package.

The tea press boasts of "small, fine holes," and indeed they worked just great.

Here's the infuser basket filled with a teaspoon of Harney's Cranberry Autumn tea. (I never tire of that blend!)

Here's an aerial view, looking down into the infuser basket.

Now it's steeping in the teacup. Note the green plunger at top has been extended to give the tea leaves room to expand. (My husband says this looks like a syringe. Well, yes, it does!)

Here's a closer view of the steeping.

When the tea has finished steeping, you press down on the plunger and voila, a cup of tea. Here, I've placed the infuser cover on.

This is going to be handy for travel, and I also think this will be great for when I want just one cup of tea but am not quite ready to dispose of the leaves just yet. All in all, a fun find for $7.99!


  1. Yes, I think the Teago will come in handy for travel. I found mine at Marshalls for the same price.

  2. I did see this with parTealady too. Not sure it is my cup of tea. Maybe it is the syringe look of it.

  3. This looks really cool, but I wonder what airport security will make of it!

  4. I thought this looked neat when parTea lady posted about it. I'll have to keep my eye out for one.

  5. Hello Angela, what a neat device!
    I like your review and the photos are good - very helpful.
    Thanks so much, Joanie

  6. Hi Angela,

    Both you and ParTea Lady are definitely on the same page! LOL! Time to take another trip to Marshall's.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Blessings, Darlene


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