Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Republic of Tea's Brew Basket

Last week when I showed you the goodies that were in my gift bag from the Central Library, I had not yet used the new brew basket that was part of my gift. I'd seen these before, at Whole Foods, I believe, but I'd never actually picked one up.

If I had, I would have been just as surprised as I was when I freed this little guy from the package, because it's a fine mesh filter that's light as a feather! And my test of a good filter? How it handles rooibos.

I scooped some Vanilla Rooibos into the filter sitting in my teacup, added the boiling water, and I was mighty impressed with how well it strained the rooibos. I also LOVE how very easy this brew basket is to clean and, so far, keep clean. If you haven't yet tried this filter, you might want to put one on your wish list!


  1. Love your teacup... looks very similar to one I have that belonged to my mother.

  2. Rooibos - the perfect test! Is it plastic mesh?

  3. I've almost purchased this several times. The one thing that keeps me from purchasing is the plastic. You will have to update us later and let us know how it's holding up.

  4. Nice! Yes, rooibos can be a problem for so many filters, nice to know there is one that can handle it.


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