Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cutest cupcake wrappers ever!

One more shopping report and then I'll move on to another topic, OK? But when I found these *gorgeous* miniature cupcake wrappers at a Marietta T.J. Maxx on Saturday (just $2.99 for 25), I knew I had to tell you about them! I found only one package in this design, but I will definitely be looking for more when I visit other T.J. Maxx stores in the weeks ahead.

The package says you can bake these on a flat oven tray and no muffin pan is needed. Aren't they pretty? At first I thought I would save these until next Valentine's Day, or spring, but then I realized there are indeed some red and green colors in this design, so these just may wind up in some Christmas treats this year!

You can see from the rim on the bottom that these would indeed stand on a pan without wobbling over like normal, thin paper cupcake cups. I've called these "miniature" size, but really they're about 1-3/4 inches tall and 2-1/4 inches in diameter, which makes them more of a "medium" size. Smaller than a regular cupcake, bigger than a mini-cupcake, prettier than both!

And on a final shopping-related note, I wanted to mention that JoAnn had these silver ornaments for 40 percent off when I was in there Saturday! Also, HomeGoods had the Spode and Portmeirion teapot and teacup ornaments out in case some of you are looking for them. Happy shopping!


  1. You always find the cutest things! Maybe I need to follow you around some day.♥♫

  2. Oh, those really are beautiful. I am going to check the TJ Maxx near me to see if they have anything like that.

    Thanks for sharing,

  3. These cupcake wrappers are much nicer than the ones that just wrap around the cake.
    And the little teapot is adorable, the US stores always have nicer things than here.

  4. Oh you little tempter! I love them all. Now I will be on the look out, but I just don't visit the stores often. I am not a shopper, but it will give me a reason when I stop at the mall to wander into some of these stores.

  5. ok I am in LOVE with these! Thanks for your visits!

  6. Adorable cupcake liners & ornament! And thanks SO much for stopping by and leaving comments at frivoli-tea. I really appreciate and enjoy your comments! xoxx Lynn

  7. They really are pretty, Angela! The silver teapot ornament is adorable too. How fun to decorate a tree with those. Thank you for sharing and have a delightful day.


  8. The cupcake wrappers are really pretty. I like the silver teapot ornament too - thanks for the tip.

  9. These are almost (almost!) too pretty to use!

  10. What wonderful finds, Angela!
    A tea-themed tree would be beautiful with the silver tea pot.
    As for the prettiest cupcake wrappers ever, I could see them as 'notions-holders,' for sewing supplies. You always find the neatest items, thanks for sharing,


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