Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tea Forté Mojito Marmalade

Several times in recent months I have been tempted to try this Mojito Marmalade herbal tea from Tea Forté. When I stopped by Fresh Market this week and it was on sale ($8.99 on sale for $6.99), I took that as a sign it was indeed time to take some of this tea home with me!

Now this is a very shallow reason for trying a tea, but ... I liked the tin and think it could be useful for either Christmas packaging or a future art project!

This tea contains organic honeybush, organic spearmint leaves, organic orange peel, organic rooibos, organic sunflower petals and natural flavors. The sachets are said to be eco-friendly and biodegradable. And I would add, "pretty."

I had hoped this tea would indeed taste very orange-y, and it did not disappoint. The taste is citrusy, but not too much so, and it was just the thing for a quiet fall afternoon of reading a new novel.



  1. Sounds delicious!

  2. Mojito Marmalade tea does sound good and I like their packaging too. That is a great looking cup and saucer - love the shape and handle.

  3. Love the way the floral design on the tea cup makes it look like the herbs are blooming out of the sachet! Fun!

  4. Haven't seen this, but I agree the box is nice and tea bags looks very pretty.

  5. This sounds like a tea I would enjoy. I didn't notice it last week when I was at Fresh Market, but I wasn't looking for it either. Maybe I need to make a return trip?

  6. Hello Angela, this sounds like a delicious tea. I have not heard of it, but, thanks to you and your great site, I will give it a try.

    Funny thing about tin containers...
    I have often bought products that were packaged in a neat tin.
    When I lived in Missouri, some friends and I were friends with some of the store owners - they were 'on the look-out' for neat tins and packages (back then, sometimes promotional items were packaged in tins, based on the season - and these tins typically would have been thrown away.
    We felt like we had some 'treasures' and the store owner was happy that someone appreciated the tin containers!)
    Have a great day, Joanie


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