Monday, October 10, 2011

Some weekend finds

Saturday was a productive shopping day with my mom, and since I had a $10 T.J. Maxx gift certificate on me I was especially happy to find two pretty new tea towel designs. These were $5.99 each, so that means they only cost me $1.98. Not bad, huh!

Of course the teacups were my favorite, but I also liked ...

... this one with cutlery.

I am still quite drawn to the brown and blue color palette.

And for tea towels, these had some unusually frilly lace. Nice!

And this tea kettle design ...

... was on the two 99-cent bags I picked up while checking out (and yes, I was indeed at a T.J. Maxx and More, but these bags had the logo of sister store HomeGoods). Last Christmas, my friend Deberah taught me the thrifty idea of using these 99-cent reusable bags, which are simply everywhere these days, as gift bags! They're big, they're pretty, they cost much less than typical gift bags, and the recipients love getting a pretty bag they can use. The rest of you may have learned this trick long before I did, but at least I learned in time to start picking up these bags before I need to begin stuffing them with Christmas gifts and tissue!


  1. The tea towels are really pretty. The colors and trim are great (nice price too).

    I like the idea of giving gifts in those attractive reusable bags.

  2. I recently visited my TJ Maxx and didn't see any of those fun tea items. But, I am happy you found them!:-)

  3. Hi Angela,

    I love everything about your tea towels (colors, design and trim). I think these towels would be great to use for a tea tasting event.

    Thanks for the heads up! TJ Maxx here I come...:)

    Blessings, Darlene

  4. Pretty towels.

    Thanks for the bag tip. I've not heard that before. I'll keep my eye out for pretty reusable bags.

  5. Love those tea towels! And those reusable bags are great.

  6. Thanks for this tip on the bags, I hadn't thought of it. Your tea towels are very pretty.


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