Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A most thoughtful thank-you gift

Every now and then I'm asked to speak to a church or civic club, and recently I was asked to speak to a local Kiwanis group about where writing ideas come from. I *love* to talk to anyone who will listen about writing and creativity, so I was happy to be invited. These particular Kiwanis ladies are always so nice to me, I was pleased to get to talk to them again. I was even happier when the club's member Louise, a fellow tea lover, presented me with this great thank-you gift!

She became a fan of Ahmad's English Tea No. 1, a wonderfully brisk black tea, on a trip to England and now buys it by the case. She had shared some of this tea with me before, and since it was long gone I was happy to receive another box of it. This time I tried it iced, and it was just delicious!

She also included this stainless steel mug, which of course a tea lover would realize is perfect for transporting hot tea. I believe this is the first time a civic club ever gave me tea for speaking, and it was absolutely the perfect gift!


  1. how nice...I bet you give a fabulous talk!

  2. I just read the Times-Herald article yesterday about your speaking engagement to the Newnan Kiwanis Club. I found it on-line quite by accident as I was researching department store tea rooms. I was so excited to
    learn about your book "Dainty Dining" that you will be publishing this fall. I'll be
    eagerly watching your blog for details as I definitely want to purchase one. I just returned from a visit to Macy's Walnut Room.

  3. The mug does look perfect for a travel tea mug. How nice to receive a gift of tea. How perfect to have a book coming out in the fall. I can't wait to see and hear all about it.


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