Monday, February 26, 2024

A family birthday lunch!

Yesterday after church, Alex and I headed to my sister's house for a soup-and-sandwich birthday lunch in honor of Daddy, who turned 85 last week. Now, how many pitchers of tea do you suppose I've shown here over the years? Dolly Parton was definitely right when she called this "the house wine of the South" in Steel Magnolias.

Daddy is in great health, has a lovely lady friend (someone our family went to church with years ago, which is a bonus!), recently took up pickleball, and was telling me something about "some elderly people" last week, so I'd say that at 85, he's doing pretty good. Here he is with his first great-grandchild, baby Ezra, who was born to my niece Cari and her husband, Blake, last July. Ezra is the star of the show at family gatherings these days.

Cari's older sister, Madison, loves nephew Ezra and has babysat him on many occasions already.

Amelia, my youngest niece, is one of Ezra's favorites as well! (We all love that he is going through his little mohawk phase.)

And here's Daddy with my sister, me, and Cari. Very grateful for another fun day celebrating my dad! 


  1. I’d say your father is a “young 85”! What a blessing to celebrate with him and your family.

  2. Happy birthday to your daddy 🥳

  3. Lovely birthday celebration! May God Grant Him many more! Frances

  4. Happy birthday to your dad! Adorable baby!

  5. What a nice celebration for your family!

  6. How special to celebrate with your dad and for him to be still active and doing well.


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