Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Luzianne Tea's Honeyed Peach Southern Blend

Here's a question for you: Do you always check out the tea section at the grocery store? I don't. Unless I just happen to be in need of a plain tea or a blend that the grocery store carries, I don't usually even think to glance that way. And if I do look, the word "glance" is accurate, because I'm merely wondering if there's anything new to try. And that's why my most recent grocery store glance caused me to spot this Honeyed Peach Luzianne Tea from their Southern Blends collection.

It's a flavored herbal tea (happy news for those of you who are watching the caffeine), and I was happy to find that it comes in individual paper packets. It's fun to share teas in cards when they're individually wrapped like this.

And I'm delighted to report that I love-love-love this tea! It really does taste like a nice juicy peach with a bit of honey, so imagine my surprise when I discovered the first ingredient is "apple." It also contains "rose hip, natural flavor, chamomile, licorice, lemon verbena, dried honey, and citric acid." Maybe the "peach" is in the form of "natural flavor"? At any rate, it's a great tea with a peachy taste I'm very much enjoying. The other flavors in this line are Mint & Rose Blossom (which sounds a little iffy) and Watermelon and Honey (which sounds even iffier). Have any of you tried any of these blends? And I'm curious about whether they're sold only in the South. Are there "Northern Blends" in Michigan and Pennsylvania? Would love to know if any of you have spotted these teas!


  1. I have not seen that one, but it sounds delicious. The other two flavors, I’d be willing to try, but not to buy a whole box unless I had tried it first. The peach I would probably have taken a chance on. And I agree about sending the individually wrapped teabags in cards. Good find!

  2. Like you, I don't always check the tea section when I'm at the grocery store. I'm not even sure that I've seen any Luzianne teas here in Washington, DC, but I certainly haven't seen any of those "Southern Blends." (Washington IS in the South--we are below the Mason-Dixon line.) I'm glad you liked the "Honeyed Peach" tea so much! Now I'll be on the lookout for it here.

  3. I've never seen Luzianne tea in little boxes. I've only seen the kind you make iced tea with. Now I'll have to check out the tea tomorrow at the grocery store.

  4. I just found this today. I'm looking forward to preparing and trying it. Thank you for sharing this information.

    1. NOPE, it can't begin to compare to Twinings cold brewed peach tea.


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