Monday, September 25, 2023

A touch of fall and a touch of tea

Now that fall is officially here, I feel free to celebrate and decorate! Last weekend, I visited a local T.J. Maxx where I finally decided to use a gift card that my sister had given me for my (May!) birthday. I had been thinking that my mantel sure could use a touch of flowers, but I don't like orange, so the choices can be limited at this time of year. This basket is clearly designed for a mantel or shelf because it has a flat back with a small built-in hanger, and the soft colors are exactly the sort of fall decor I like.

I also bought this spice-scented ceramic pumpkin candle in a soft green.

And while I was happy with my cream-colored votive holder, Wedgwood mini teapot, and wax-melt teapot, I needed a few more fallish things to replace the pastel floral decor I'd had up there all summer. That's when I remembered some great advice I've read in several places over the past few years, which is to "shop your house." I'm so glad I remembered that I had tucked away this grapevine teapot, a gift from a friend many years ago …

And this teapot-shaped straw-and-metal basket, which had been serving as a card holder in my craft room. I think it looks right at home on the fall mantel, and my cards are now happily housed in a pretty box.

I'm learning that I really like to re-use favorite decorative items, and my new (and old) fall pieces are a fun way to greet the new season. Have you decorated for fall yet?


  1. Your mantel looks lovely! I really like your new items as well as the ones you found when you shopped your house. I haven’t started decorating for fall yet but plan to get started this week. It’s my favorite season.

  2. What an elegant-looking mantel! You have a very good eye for design. I haven't started to decorate for fall yet, although I've been thinking about it. I saw the first house with a pumpkin on the steps today.

  3. Your mantel looks great. Since it was a teacher workday, we got our fall decorations out of the attic today.

  4. I especially love your bouquet in the first picture. My decorations are just a few and tending toward Halloween with black crows, pumpkins, and black feathers.


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