Friday, October 22, 2021

Some napkin rings I just had to have!

Can I just say that I think this may well be the prettiest little teapot napkin ring I've ever seen? From the soft cream coloring to the pretty pink rosebuds, everything about it is just delightful.

A local antiques shop, Treasures Lost and Found, had them for just $8.99 for the set of four, so I didn't have to think twice about that. They're from Mudpie, a company that's produced several of the cute tea wares I've had over the years. In fact, one of their Mudpie teapot ornaments was a treasured gift from my friend Susan years ago, and when I got home, I searched this blog to see if I still had a picture of it since I didn't want to go pulling out the Christmas decorations just yet.

And yep, it's the same design as my new napkin rings! This was one of those purchases that was just meant to be, don't you think?

I've enjoyed some really great thrifting lately, and on Monday, I'll share photos of one of my holy grail tea items that I found last week, something I certainly never expected to find in a thrift store. The silver needs a little more cleaning up, and then I'll be ready to share it. Any guesses about what it might be?


  1. Those are beautiful, and so perfect for you. I'm glad you found them and I'm looking forward to seeing what else you found!

  2. A silver teapot drip catcher? Hard to find them, but I have one!

    1. No, but good guess! And I'm jealous that you have one of those!

  3. Those are extremely cute napkin rings! I can't think of what your "Holy Grail tea item" is, which is silver and which you surprisingly found in in a thrift shop. I myself have always wanted a mote spoon, after seeing one in the silversmith's shop at Colonial Williamsburg. But that one cost several hundred dollars, a wee bit beyond my budget!

  4. Great find. I’m excited to see your find next week.

  5. How awesome! I do have memory of the Mudpie showroom in Dallas packed with awesome items! They specialized in cute!


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