Monday, October 25, 2021

A tipping teapot!

From the moment I first heard of a tipping (or tilting) teapot, I wanted one, but the first time I found one online, it was around $250, and I didn't want it that much. Then Aunt Jane and I were in Goodwill last week, and I was turning the corner at housewares and thought, "Hmm. That silver teapot down on that bottom shelf sure is sitting up high." Then I stopped. "Wait a minute. Is that … ?" And it was—and it was just $15.99! I'm taking this Leonard Silverplate teapot on a craft retreat soon and can't wait to use it to serve tea!

There was definitely some tarnish, but nothing looked too scary to tackle.

The interior of the teapot looked so clean that I wondered if this had ever been used.

When I got home, I examined the fuel-holder-thingie (that's probably not the scientific term for it), and the wick looks in pristine condition, so I'm thinking this is a piece that someone never got around to using.

And here it is cleaned up! It may need one final round with my beloved Wright's Silver Cream, but boy, am I thrilled with my bargain tipping teapot. While I've seen them online and in magazines before, I don't remember ever spotting one in the wild. Have you? (And if you're looking for one, I found vintage ones on eBay that are much more affordable than $250. Who knew?)


  1. WOW! That teapot is gorgeous! What a fantastic find!!
    Blessings, Linda

  2. That is lovely, and no, I've never seen one! It cleaned up nicely and now you can enjoy using it. I'm so glad you found it - or it found you, whichever way it happened.

  3. Love it!!! What a great purchase.
    You've got a wonderful treasure. Wish I had one.

  4. I'm so happy that you found such a treasure. Probably long ignored - now you will be putting it proudly in use ! ! ! :)

  5. I'm glad that tilting teapot has found a good home where it will be appreciated!
    Seek and ye shall find. Congratulations!

  6. Wow, you found an excellent deal. I know you will enjoy using it.

  7. You and your Aunt are great thrift store shoppers. The thrift stores near me mark things up too high. Enjoy that beautiful tilting teapot. It is so shiny now!

  8. Wow! What a deal!!! It sure shined up nicely. Congratulations on a fun find!!

  9. It is gorgeous! Wow! I would have snapped that one up eventhough who knows where it would go in my very full house.


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