Friday, July 23, 2021

Some new thrifty finds

Every once in a while, I find something at Goodwill that I consider a splurge, like this large (10-1/2-inch) scalloped plate. Normally, $4.99 would seem like a lot for a Goodwill plate since I find so many great ones for under $2, but this one immediately struck me as the perfect piece to decorate with in March for St. Patrick's Day. So I got it. 

The softly colored violets are just my cup of you know what, and I don't often find green pieces that I just love, but I loved this one.

Now, I probably should steer clear of the book aisle in just about any store, but this volume caught my eye for the name alone.

Then I looked inside and realized that some of the reading women are sipping tea, like this one …

And this one. I haven't had time to read the whole thing yet, but I'm intrigued by the concept of a reading woman being "dangerous." So have you found any thrifty finds lately? I'd love to hear about them!


  1. That plate is gorgeous! I'm so glad you found it. And that book sounds interesting, especially since it contains pictures of women sipping tea.

  2. I love violets, so that green plate with violets would have caught my attention, too. Your "splurge" was worth it!
    I haven't been to my favorite thrift shop (St. Albans Opportunity Shop) since it was closed for over a year because of the pandemic. It opened briefly last month, but now is closed again until September for the usual vacation for the volunteers. My other favorite shop for finding china and other neat old things is a consignment shop in Georgetown--the Christ Child Opportunity Shop. It's open once again, so I need to get down there and see what treasures I can find.

  3. Very pretty plate. That book title is hilarious. I found some tiny trays in the Target $1 spot. I plan to use them to hold crafts.

  4. I haven't been thrifting for a long, long time. The green plate would definitely catch my eye and the book sounds like one I would like too. I am thinking maybe this coming Saturday I will go do a bit of "thrifting".

  5. Beautiful thrifted find. That plate is absolutely stunning. Well done.
    As for the book? Funny we just finished watching the series with Brendon Coyle (love him!) called Lark Rise to Candleford. It is currently running on Hulu and is the best series set in a Victorian rural setting full of intrigue and community. They mention women reading is a dangerous thing in one of the episodes. Hulu has a lot of horrible trashy things on it, but this one is worth getting a free month trial to binge watch this long running happy and very special series.


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