Monday, June 14, 2021

Thrifting in Wisconsin—a loot shoot!


As promised, this week I'm sharing some of my thrifty finds from our recent road trip to Wisconsin. The Friday of our visit, Alex was kind enough to chauffeur me to four thrift stores (and a bonus yard sale) and wait patiently while I shopped.

When I came home and unpacked everything, it took up quite a bit of my dining room table.

You will not be surprised to learn that I came home with a new teacup. I *almost* came home with a whole set of this pattern, but after I put it all in my buggy, I thought, "Where will I put it all when I get it home?" But I could justify buying a single teacup ($1.53) and handled tray ($1.93). I realized I like flat pieces because they're easier to make room for!

Of course, there are exceptions to that guideline. This amber-colored Indiana Depression glass sugar and creamer in the Daisy pattern ($1.99 each) will be perfect on my Thanksgiving table.

This little salad-sized plate was a random purchase ($2) because I'm trying to find some aqua-colored plates to be used on the cover of the Dainty Dining sequel (which may or may not be finished this year, but I want some plates ready to go for styling the cover shoot with the food).

This twenty-five-cent mug was a fun find at De Pere Christian Outreach, which I learned is where my stepdaughter's in-laws volunteer. Several area churches combine forces to organize and run this amazing thrift store, which has only one employee, and they accept cash only. All proceeds go back out into the community, and I learned that some customers shop there multiple times per day since merchandise hits the shelves as fast as the donations can be processed and priced! It's got to be the cleanest, best-organized thrift store I've ever visited. This "jeweled" mug instantly struck me as something I can take with me when I'm out promoting Rubies and Revenge in a few months, to hold business cards, bookmarks, and/or pens.

There's a lot of cool bling hot-glued to this mug, but check out this button at right. With the crown and thistle, I'm assuming it's English. But who or what is the figure at left? The bottom design looks like two peas coming out of a pod. What if it's a rare button worth thousands of dollars and some avid collector begs me to sell it? (I can be reached at angelamcrae at charter dot net.) At any rate, I couldn't leave this fun mug behind!

Several of these pretty pieces came from the De Pere store as well. A platter for $1? Had to have it. Christmas is coming, and those oval plates are absolutely perfect for gifting a loaf of tea bread. (And say it with me: "It's cheaper than buying plastic trays at the grocery store.")

Here's a detail of a little saucer-sized plate from a St. Vincent de Paul store in Green Bay. I believe it was 53 cents (odd price), and it will be fun for fall decorating.

These bicentennial and rose plates ($1-$3 for the pink rose one) will be used for decoration, and the two blue floral ones will go into my giveaway stash. And I've taken up enough of your time for today, so on Wednesday, I'll share the fun Christmas pieces I found, including a $2 vintage Christmas plate that I absolutely love!


  1. What a beautiful variety of treasures! It's obvious you had a great time hunting for these! And that mug is just perfect for you! I need to take a road trip to Wisconsin. Obviously all the good stuff is hidden there!

  2. I love all your vintage finds and isn't it fun! This is my idea of a fun day with a lovely lunch! I always come home inspired too by something I saw. I went to a craft show Saturday and it was so disappointing. No creativity - just a bunch of "stuff" from China. I love the pieces you got for fall as those will be perfect for the season!

  3. What fun you must have had exploring "new" thrift stores. I must say, I'd have had a hard time leaving that set of china with violets on it - but I don't have anyplace to put it either. I like all your "finds" and look forward to seeing your Christmas things.

  4. What a great thrifting adventure, and you got some amazing things! I have the amber sugar and creamer too.

  5. What a treasure chest of delightful pieces to enjoy. Congratulations.
    Joan,Marion and Marilyn

  6. You always amaze me at what you find when thrifting.
    I would love the violet teacup.

  7. You found some great stuff! I especially like the dishes with the violets and with the acorns. The brass-colored button on the cups is interesting, but alas, I'm afraid it isn't worth a fortune. I found it on eBay:

    1. Vernona, I'm hearing that old sound they used to play when the contestant loses on the game show: Whonk, whonk, whonk, whoooooonk. (My best approximation. Ha!)

  8. What fun to find so many bargain treasures! Thanks for sharing with us.

  9. WOW, Angela - you really scored! I really like your rationalizations. I truly get it. I cannot even step foot into thrift stores anymore. LOL. I can't bear the thought of all the treasures I'd find and really cannot find room for in my hoarding area!

    I think I love that little acorn plate the best - it is so unique and so beautiful - but everything is awesome!!!! Well done, ma'am.


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