Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Fortnum & Mason's "Time for Tea" by Tom Parker Bowles


I just got home from a week-long road trip to Wisconsin (more on that to come!), but what did I take along for reading in the car? The new Fortnum & Mason cookbook Time for Tea by Tom Parker Bowles, who is the stepson of Prince Charles. I'd been eagerly awaiting its arrival and pre-ordered it so it would arrive the day it was published.

The charming illustrations by Zebedee Helm and photography by David Loftus really make this book so enjoyable. I loved the tea timeline.

And this clever illustration just made me smile!

There are 50 recipes covering everything from breakfast and elevenses to lunch, teatime, and even bedtime, and this Dundee Cake is one of the first ones I want to try since I've never made one. (I liked the tea-pairing suggestion of Spiced Rose and Fennel Infusion up top.) So if you collect teatime cookbooks, I definitely recommend getting a copy of this one!


  1. Looks like a fascinating book!

  2. Think I'd like to read it too....and of course hear more about Wisconsin too!

  3. Those illustrations ARE very amusing! Thanks for bringing this book to our attention. I'll definitely consider buying it (even though it doesn't have American measurements in the recipes. I often buy tea-time books just for the pictures and ideas anyway, and don't actually bake using the recipes.)

  4. What fun! This is a new one to me. Appreciate the overview.

  5. I hope the cake tastes as good as it looks.

  6. Hope you had a nice trip to Wisconsin.

    This sounds like a fascinating tea book. As always, your recommendations are appreciated.

  7. I saw this and had to order one and have it delivered to my daughter and granddaughter. They got it yesterday and love it. Thank you for the recommendation.

    1. So glad to hear that they love it too! What a thoughtful gift!

  8. Thanks so much for sharing! I have another Fortnum & Mason tea book, bought quite a while ago, and I was wondering what this one was like and whether or not it would be a worthwhile purchase!

  9. What a fun book. I love the illustrations. It could easily find it's way to my recipe book shelf.


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