Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Finding tea at Rubber Stamp Fantasy and Paper Arts

Because my husband tucked some lovely green paper into one of my birthday cards yesterday, I got a bee in my bonnet and decided that I would head to Rubber Stamp Fantasy in Marietta to indulge my stamping hobby. I got there just fine, but the bottom fell out within minutes of my walking into the shop. The delightful owners, Gary and Debbie, took great care of me, and having lived through more thunderstorms than I care to count, I simply asked if they had a place to go in the event of danger, and Debbie informed me that yes, they had a lower level to go to, so I was good. Today, I just want you to check out this store with me.

Oh! My! Goodness! Even their windows are full of inspiration.

I last went there years ago at the height of my scrapbooking craze, but I let that go and haven't scrapbooked in years. Card making, however, seems to be my new hobby that is here to stay. And while I love ordering Stampin' Up goodies, I also love all kinds of great stamping supplies, and this store provided an absolute sensory overload. Look at all these stamps!

Look at all these samples!

Look at all these inks and markers and papers!

I'm saving another wonderful tea-themed purchase to share later, once I've made something with it, but I wanted to go ahead and show you this adorable stamp set I found at Rubber Stamp Fantasy. My Sunday school class goes by the nickname of the "bluebirds," so to find a stamp set with bluebirds AND a teacup on it was simply delightful. And when I got home, I discovered that the owners had even included a pretty floral stamp in my bag as a gift—which seemed especially lovely since they had no way of knowing (until I was literally walking out the door and mentioned it) that it was my birthday. So driving an hour away from home with a flash flood warning might not have been my smartest hour, but I'm so grateful to have been re-introduced to a charming shop where I now want to be a regular!

P.S. This store, also on the Marietta Square, was closed when I passed by, but check out these *melamine* plates, including some with teacups on them! Adorable!


  1. Oh, that's a great store. I haven't been there in several years, now that I no longer visit my brother in Marietta (he moved to FL) but I know it's a wonderful place. The selection is almost overwhelming! I love the bluebirds/teacup stamp set you found, and will look forward to seeing your surprise, too. And that plate with the teacup and hummingbird is darling! I'm glad you were able to make this trip in spite of the messy weather. And Happy Birthday!

  2. That really IS a wonderful store--I have even been there myself. A few years ago, my three sisters and I were having a get-together in Georgia (one lives in Tennessee, one in North Carolina, and one in middle Georgia). We happened on that shop by accident, and ended up spending quite a bit of time in it, and really enjoyed talking to the owners. Of course, we each bought "a few" fun things, too. What a great place for you to go on your birthday! I'm glad everything turned out so well.

  3. Happy Birthday Angela!!! Beautiful store with lovely treasures!!

  4. Oh so sorry I missed your birthday! What a glorious purchase! Teacups and birds? Sign me up, whoo hoo!!!! LOVE those new stamps! The owners sound amazing and if I ever get to Marietta to visit you we need to go there!

    I hope you go back for those melamine plates soon, too. Birthdays last at least a week, right?


  5. Happy birthday! We have lost all of our paper crafting stores which makes me sad. I miss being able to browse. You found some cute stamps and I'm sure you will make some lovely things with them. - Cara

  6. Happy Birthday!
    Our stamping scrapbook store closed a few years ago. If I’m ever in your area I’m adding this store to my stops.

  7. Happy Belated Birthday Wishes, Angela! Looks like you had a fun time spending some of your birthday money. Wishing you a wonderful year ahead, and that it's overflowing with fun tea events.

  8. That is an amazing store. What fun! Happy Belated Birthday from me too.


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