Monday, May 3, 2021

A taste of Venice


When I saw that ad for the Harney & Sons honeysuckle tea a few weeks ago and ordered it, I also ordered this Venetian Tiramisu White Tea, and I must tell you that it is just heavenly! I was trying to think of what teacup would be appropriate to use for a tea with "Venetian" in the name, and then I remembered this teacup that I got from a gift shop at the Vatican some years ago. Perfect! 

I haven't had any actual tiramisu in a while, but mm, just the thought of it makes my mouth water. So I had a feeling I would enjoy this tea, especially since it's made by Harney & Sons.

What's in it? Harney says it contains white tea, hojicha, cocoa flavor, vanilla flavor, cacao nibs, brandy flavor, and natural flavors. The cocoa and brandy flavors are what I detect most, and I certainly don't need any sweetener with a tea like this. This blend somehow manages to be both light and a bit decadent all at once, and I'm so glad I tried it. We may not be ready to travel abroad just yet, but I'm sure glad that our taste buds can!


  1. That sounds delicious, and I love the cup, too!

  2. That IS a very interesting tea cup from the Vatican! That tea seems to have a lot of different flavors going on.

  3. Beautiful teacup. The tea sounds good.


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