Friday, December 18, 2020

Who are those masked tea lovers?

A few weeks ago, I was out doing the weekend shopping when two women said to me, "I love your mask." I found that especially funny because a) my mask was a pitiful little homemade rectangle of pink floral fabric and b) I was wearing it only because the prettier, fitted one I found at Joann fogs up my glasses. So when tea friend Susan B. in North Carolina alerted me that Harney & Sons had a mask featuring teacups, I had to order one!

It arrived yesterday, and I love it! The website notes that it's 100 percent polyester and not medical-grade but instead designed for everyday use. It feels like a soft jersey knit.

I especially love that the elastic ties are adjustable. Perfect! I guess after so many months of mask wearing and making, makers have thoroughly fine-tuned the design. If you need a cute new tea-themed mask, too, go here to order. (And Harney has free shipping on all US orders, incredibly enough!)


  1. That's a very nice tea-themed mask! I love ordering from Harney & Sons. I have quite a few masks, with many different designs, all made by my sister in North Carolina, who is an excellent seamstress. But I don't have a tea-cup one yet. Maybe one will appear in my Christmas stocking.

  2. Thanks for the heads up. I have a mask with the adjustable loops and my hair dresser accidentally snipped the loop. With the slide I can still wear it.


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