Friday, December 11, 2020

A delightful teatime surprise!

When my new cookbook came out last month, I sent a copy to my tea friend Bernideen as a thank-you since she had given me one of the vintage items shown in the book, a vintage handkerchief with a candy cane on it. This week, I got a surprise package from Bernideen in the mail, and I couldn't help smiling when my husband brought in this bit of happy mail and said, "You've got a present!"

Indeed I did, and it was this beautiful handmade tea cozy made from a vintage tea towel! Isn't it lovely?

As soon as I opened it, I surveyed my teapots and thought I knew right away which one would model it best. This one! And doesn't it look happy? It's already got me looking ahead to spring and the tea parties I *hope* I'll be able to give using my floral tea wares. Tea friends are the best—and surprises are right up there too!


  1. That is such a cute tea cozy! That was very nice of your friend to make it for you. It really is a perfect match for that teapot.

  2. I came over from Bernideen's blog link to say hi, and I will follow you. I adore tea, buy a variety of it, and only use loose leaf.

  3. Beautiful! Tea friends are awesome.


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