Wednesday, September 16, 2020

The September/October 2020 issue of Tea Time


In years to come, I wonder whether we'll look back at our 2020 Tea Time issues and remember what we were doing during those particular months. I can't imagine we'll ever forget what 2020 was like. The other day, I was shopping for new tea and saw a certain vendor had come out with a 2020 blend at the beginning of the year. All I could think was, "None for me, thanks!" But a magazine about teatime, like most things tea, is a pleasant diversion whenever it appears, and as always, the fall issue is one of my favorites.

For one thing, I am quite smitten with Frank Smith Silver Company's 2830 sterling silver teapot. I found the exact teapot at on sale for a mere $2,499. There's only one left, so feel free to beat me to it, friends.

This issue also features cute little gingerbread cakes in autumn leaf shapes. I have one of these "cakelet" pans, so that recipe is going on my to-bake list.

And what charmed me most in this edition was how nicely they solved a little issue I'd been wondering about. I read somewhere a few months ago that thanks to COVID-19, we'll probably never watch someone blow out candles over a birthday cake again. Isn't that sad? But this sweet little line in Tea Time was the perfect solution to that dilemma, and bless their gentle hearts, they never even had to say the word "COVID." They said, "A cupcake just for the honoree is a great way to keep the tradition of blowing out a candle."

Have you read this issue yet? I'd love to hear what you enjoyed!


  1. I think I will leave that beautiful silver teapot for someone else, too - but it is a treasure! I love the "cakelets" and the idea of little gingerbread cakes makes my mouth water. I need to remember the cupcake idea, too. My granddaughter did have one candle (in the shape of an 8) on her birthday cake but my daughter cut and removed a slice of cake for me before she lighted it, and we were outside on a large porch (just their family and me) when she blew it out.

    1. A year ago, who would have imagined we would even be thinking about such things!

  2. I, too, particularly look forward to the fall issue of "Tea Time" magazine. Mine hasn't arrived yet, but it should be here in the next day or two, and now I know what to look forward to. That silver tea pot is a little too elaborate for my tastes (and I prefer porcelain tea pots, anyway)), so I'll just spend that $2,499 on something else!

  3. Those gingerbread cakelets are cute.

  4. I have had my Sept/Oct issue for awhile, but was saving it for a cooler day and that day came today! I loved every page, but I especially enjoyed the Tea with Forest Friends article. I have two young grand nieces that love the outdoors and that article inspired me to try something similar...some day when things feel safer. Susan in NC

  5. I read the issue when I received it, but now I need to go back and read again. I missed the cute little cakelet autumn leaves.


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