Monday, June 22, 2020

Tea & Father's Day

At family gatherings these days, the menu is divided between my sister and me, which makes life easier for both of us, but one constant: there will always be at least two pitchers of tea on hand, sweet and unsweet. Since it was Father's Day yesterday, I for some reason was drawn to remember all those years that my dad went to work at Ford Motor Company and packed his black metal lunchbox with a sandwich, chips, and a thermos of sweet tea. I was probably in my twenties before I ever had a cup of hot tea (imagine!), but at least I grew up knowing the joys of iced tea, like that shown here by my niece Cari as we all gathered for lunch at my sister's house yesterday.

Rhonda, my sister, made a roast for sandwiches, along with some delicious Instapot stew, and I brought the fixings and sides. (And I didn't get a photo, but for dessert, I made a heart-shaped chocolate chip pan cookie and brought ice cream to go with it.)

I think Aunt Jane was particularly happy to have everyone gathered. Even though Alex and I are still sticking close to home and social distancing (he's wearing the mask I made him; mine is pink), it's nice to feel that we can at least gather with family again.

And the other big news from my sister's house is that Amelia and Matthew have just gotten a Nigerian dwarf goat. Andy is the little guy's name, and I must admit he is awfully cute!


  1. Angela,
    What a wonderful Father's Day celebration for your Dad. I think our Fathers would have enjoyed meeting as my Dad absolutely loved Ford automobiles, especially Mustangs. His first was a 1965/66 which he later added to with 2 more. He drove them in parades and often won awards for them at car shows. Your post brought back some good memories.
    Janet P.

  2. Hi Angela, wonderful pictures and celebration. Did your dad work for Ford during the Caroll Shelby days? My friends have a Museum dedicated to the Ford Shelby cobra. It is to educate and preserve the car for future generations. Fun memories!

  3. What a cute little goat. And your celebrating was so special with all that is going on these days. Family is extra special when we can get together.

  4. That little goat is so cute! I'm glad your family had such a nice Father's Day get-together! My mother didn't make iced tea when I was growing up, although I occasionally had it at relatives' homes in Arkansas. I didn't drink hot tea until college, when a dorm roommate introduced me to it. Later I discovered how wonderful afternoon tea could be at the Four Seasons hotel in Georgetown.

  5. I’m glad you were able to sqpend Father’s Day with your family. The goat is cute!

  6. I'm so glad you could be with your family on Father's Day. Cherish those times!


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