Monday, June 8, 2020

A new teatime craft project

Inspired by a fun tag book in the new issue of Somerset Studio, I was in the mood to play around with some of my paper craft supplies this weekend. And I had just unearthed this old chipboard teapot "book," so that seemed like the perfect canvas to use. Just five pages? Piece of cake.

For a collage project like this, I really enjoy looking through the odd bits of paper ephemera I've collected. I found a lot of postmarked stamps I'd cut off old envelopes, and I also found a package of vintage-looking Tim Holtz paper pieces I got last year at Joann. I found they inspired my writing more than my crafting, though, as I would make up stories in my head about the old library card, the ticket stub, the air mail stamp, etcetera. (I also think these tidbits are good writing prompts and plan to use them the next time I teach a class on writing and am talking about creativity.)

The vintage image of the little girl is one I found on the Library of Congress website a while back, and I pondered how serious she was about her teacup, which made me think that "Handle With Care" was an appropriate message here. I tinkered with this so long that I got only one page done in this totally frivolous flip book, but I found it relaxing and enjoyed doing it, and that's what counts!

I thought about stamping the word "teatime," but then I found these old letters I had stamped years ago and glued a clock face embellishment at the end. Done!

I have been a lot craftier in recent months for obvious reasons, and I also found a new *free* quilt pattern over the weekend, Teapot Garden by Darlene Zimmerman, that I've saved for when I finish the two quilt tops I'm working on right now. Isn't it pretty? If any of you are crafters/quilters/needle workers, I'd love to hear what you've been up to!


  1. It sounds like you had a lot of fun with your collage project, even if it involved thinking up stories in your head more than actually physical crafting. As Jane Austen always said, "Imagination is everything!" That Teapot Garden quilt pattern that you linked is beautiful, but way beyond my quilting capabilities. But what caught my attention was where the link came from--Hancock's in Paducah, Kentucky. I grew up in nearby rural Kentucky, and spent many happy hours with my sisters and mother in that big fabric store. As far as current crafting projects go, I did recently order some plain white napkins and embroidery thread and transfer patterns, in hopes of monogramming the napkins. I haven't gotten started on them yet, but I'm thinking about it!

  2. Cute. I taught myself to crochet over these past few months. I’ve enjoyed making dishcloths.

  3. I like the first "page" of your book! In my "free" time (remember I'm still working) I've made 35-40 masks for family and friends, and 7-8 scrub caps for my RN daughter. I have made some thinking of you and birthday cards, and thought about some other projects that I'll do in the near future, hopefully.

  4. Oh I love this project, very fun!


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