Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Stevia and Zevia have a fine new peach tea

A trip by the tea aisle at Ingles over the weekend revealed that there are several new ready-to-drink (RTD) teas on the market, and I grabbed the one that most appealed to me, this skinny can of peach-flavored black tea from Zevia, a new name in tea to me.

"No sugar, zero calories," it says. Well, that's good, but what about the peach flavor? I was delighted to find that the tea did indeed taste like juicy peaches, so I was quite happy with the flavor and will buy this tea again.

And as is clearly hinted at in the company name, the sweetener is stevia leaf extract. I remember when a friend first told me about the stevia plant years ago, and today I find stevia in more and more products. I don't actually require sweetener very often since I've learned to enjoy my teas au naturel, but for a bit of sweetness, stevia seems like a smart way to go, and I was happy to find it in this tasty new tea. Are any of you stevia fans?


  1. I've tried stevia in hot tea, and it's not bad. It's much better than the artificial sweeteners, but I still like plain old sugar best. I prefer my iced tea unsweetened, but I do like sugar in my hot tea.

  2. I’ll have to look for this tea. I like stevia and use it occasionally. I prefer my hot tea unsweetened.

  3. I use stevia on things that I need to sweeten as I'm prediabetic. It seems like a good way to go with it being natural. I don't sweeten my tea though, whether hot or cold.

  4. I'm trying to learn to like Stevia. Trying to switch to a more Keto friendly diet. Stevia is definitely better than the artificial sweeteners, but it can't beat good old honey. Talk about a hard habit to break...

  5. I recently tried Stevia in my hot tea, but wasn't keen on the flavor. If I really want a sweetened cup of tea, I'll just count the extra calories in a teaspoon of honey. :-) The cold peach tea would be good, as the stevia flavor might not be as noticeable to me.


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