Friday, April 5, 2019

"She Sheds Style" by Erika Kotite

Fridays are always a great time to begin thinking about weekend projects, and if it's not raining all weekend, I hope to tidy up the flower beds in front of my house. If it rains, maybe I'll just kick back with a whole pot of tea and keep lusting over the pages of this charming new book, She Sheds Style by Erika Kotite. She is a past editor of Romantic Homes magazine (one of my favorite editors they've had), and I love her approach to sharing these eclectic she sheds and the women who've built and decorated them. I still haven't decided whether I'd prefer a she shed or a vintage camper, but I do know that I want my one-day retreat to be multipurpose: it will need to serve as a writing cottage, a garden shed, and a tea house! It's rather a fanciful dream of mine, but you know what? I believe dreams are fine things to have. In fact, my friend LaTina gave me a pretty journal earlier this year, and I am using it to write down some of my dreams, including getting either a she shed or a camper.

I love all the photos in the book, but this tiny house in the Catskills absolutely takes the cake!

And check out this room in one of the book's she sheds. My eyes went straight to the tea cart at left and then to that teapot up top. (Did yours?)

I found several images, in fact, that inspired my dream of a writing cottage/garden shed/teahouse, including this one. This vignette would be right at home in my fantasy structure, whatever form it may take. I don't have a whole lot of wants anymore, but this future retreat is definitely one of them, and sometimes, I think writing down our dreams helps make them more real. Do you have any dreams like this? (And do you have or want a she shed?)


  1. That tiny house in the Catskills would fit me to a "T"!

  2. I won't have a "she shed"since I live in an apartment, but I hope you build your dream one someday! I do love that tiny house in the Catskills--it's so cute.

  3. What a beautiful book! Yes, I have a dream of a she-shed, too, for crafting and tea, but I'd be happy with a screened-in gazebo with just a comfy chair and a little table for my tea. I love the violet planted in a teapot - what a great idea!

  4. I love "she-shed's" and little caravans. It would be hard to decide between the two. I thought the greenhouse could be it for me at times, but I would have to kick my husband out. If I can't find him I know he is there.

  5. Oh, yes! I've really gotten into tiny house designs lately, so a she shed is on my wish list. That house in the Catskills is definitely a style I'd choose.


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