Monday, April 15, 2019

April showers bring May flowers …

Yesterday morning, stormy weather was blowing through our area of West Georgia. At church, Alex and I both noted that even the birds were chirping up a storm outside, as if they were nervous about all of us there inside the sanctuary, but fortunately everything was fine and all we got was a lot of rain and a little thunder. Other parts of the state (and country) had it much worse, so we can't complain.

But what I did do when we got home was think about that old saying, "April showers bring May flowers." Did you grow up hearing that? I sure did. And I'd been thinking that while my default teacup is almost always one with roses on it — I'm betting 75 percent or more of mine are rose-bedecked — I decided it was time to sip from some spring teacups that don't include roses.

And my goodness, I'd forgotten how lovely a jonquil or a sweet pea or another flower can be! I do like to match my teacups to the season when possible (asters in the fall, Christmas holly and berries in December). Do you match your teacup to the season?


  1. Honestly never thought about matching tea cups to the season. That's a fun idea though I'm going to have to give it a try

  2. Yes, I often match my teacup to the season. Your pictures are so pretty!

  3. I must remember to switch it up! Yes I remember the old saying. I also remember ‘April showers, bring May flowers, and what does May flowers bring?’ Pilgrims! Haha!!

  4. I do often match my teacups or mugs to the season, but most often in the fall or winter.
    But I also have some all-season cups that I use throughout the year. Your flowery cups are really nice!

  5. Yes, I love matching my teacup to the season. Your teacups are all gorgeous.


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