Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Valentine's Week Giveaway #2

I start shopping for Valentine's Day treats long before February arrives, and so I found these adorable teacup place cards weeks ago!

As you can see in the detail shot at upper right, you simply fill in the name and fold these teacup place cards tent-style before your next tea party! If you'd like to win this package of eight, just leave an "Enter me" comment to this post before 7 a.m. EST tomorrow, February 10 (making sure I have a way to contact you if you're the winner), and you'll be entered to win.

The vintage valentine I'm sharing today is a newly acquired one I found just a few weeks ago. I've had tea-themed valentines with plenty of other animals—dogs, bears, kittens, a bunny—but never before one with elephants. Sweet!

And this card is signed "From Sandra Kay" on the back. I wonder who she sent it to, and I hope they were as happy to receive it as I was!


  1. I love the cards, please enter me in the giveaway. Mary from Rover (mroth fus @out look.com)

  2. Those elephants are so cute! I remember taking so much time as a child selecting just the right valentine for each classmate. I wonder if Sandra Kay did the same thing?

  3. Always enjoy your Vintage Valentines! Thanks for sharing and thanks for nice giveaways! Please put my name in. (trish@farnumfamily.org)

  4. please do enter me. :) my email is in my profile.

  5. Enjoyable and lovely. Please enter me. saubleb(at)gmail(dot)com

  6. Love the place cards, please enter me.

  7. I love that teacup design! I already have some notepaper, a photo album and some gift-wrap from years ago with that design, so would love to have the place cards too! (Just call me greedy for cute teacup designs...) :-) ~Carol In San Diego

  8. Please Enter Me !!! Thanks for everything

  9. Please enter me. vhalauralee@hotmail.com

  10. cute!
    slmartin at vtc dot net

  11. 'With excitement, I look-up 'Tea with Friends,'

    ...for it's Valentine's Week and the fun never ends,

    Angela is the Charming host:
    readers' wonder, 'what will be her post?'

    The blog is so varied - the perfect 'stop,' if you're feeling harried...

    Oh, there might be a tantalizing photo of a Red Velvet cake,
    ...complete with a recipe and instructions 'to bake,'

    Why, just the other day, there was a photo of Grace Kelly and Clark Gable -

    ...sitting down to 'Tea,' at a proper table,

    In this busy world we're in, isn't it nice to slow down and grab a tin,
    ...a tin of tea and perhaps a scone,
    relax a little, unplug your phone,

    'Tea with Friends,' let's give a Cheer, to Angela:
    'here, here!'

    Thanks for such a fun Valentine's Week, Joanie

    1. Joanie, That has MADE my Valentine's Week! How clever! Maybe next year I will offer a prize for "most creative entry." You'd definitely be a winner (of course I already know you're a winner)! Happy Valentine's, my friend!

  12. Your Valentine's Week is so much fun! (So is your blog, Angela - a highlight for me and so many 'faithful readers,' I always feel 'boosted up,' after reading Tea with Friends. All the best always, Joanie


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