Thursday, February 18, 2016

Still celebrating Valentine's Day/Month

Tea friend Mary Jane wins the creative crafting award for Valentine's season of 2016 with this elaborate valentine I received from her over the weekend! Isn't this beautiful? I've got it standing on my office desk so I can enjoy it all month long!

The detail is just amazing, including this charming strand of sparkling red hearts pouring forth a cup of tea.

The Valentine wasn't all that was in the envelope, though. There was also a sample of tea and a cute little heart-shaped notepad. (That is going to be perfect for keeping a record of all my vintage valentines, something I've long needed to do!)

The tea was, appropriately enough, some Thé de Marie Antoinette from Nina's of Paris, a wonderful black tea scented with fresh apples and roses. I loved the charming valentine, and I was equally smitten by her clever way of packaging a sample of loose leaf tea! As soon as I can get to the store for some waxed paper, I am going to try to copy her example and start sending out a few such samples of my own. So thank you, Mary Jane, for the valentine, the tea, and the inspiration!


  1. What a lovely Valentine! That tea sounds delicious! Aren't thoughtful friends a blessing?

  2. What a beautiful card! So much detail. And the tea sounds delicious, too. Very special!

  3. woohoo! my bag came in the mail today. Thank you so much.
    It's wonderful.

  4. Kudos to Mary Jane. That is the most unusual valentine I've ever seen.

  5. Lovely! Such a creative way to send a tea sample.


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