Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Pomegranate Lemon Tea from Beautiful Earth Organics

When I was at Beautiful Earth Organics in Peachtree City last week, I naturally had to take some time to check out all the great tea samples they had on display. I love it when a shop has sniffable samples, because that always helps me make a decision. The tea I chose was one quite out of the norm for me, this Pomegranate Lemon tea.

The label said this tea featured the "succulent character of pomegranate infused with sweet and sour Andalusia Lemon." Something about that sounded mighty tasty to me!

I think I was also charmed by the pretty look of the blend, which includes organic black tea, calendula petals, lemon pieces, and natural flavors. Now I always seem to turn to peppermint teas and chai teas over the cool weather months, but I must say I enjoyed this departure from my norm with a nice fruity tea with a bright lemon flavor. I definitely need to make this tea and coffee shop a regular stop whenever I'm in Peachtree City!


  1. Sounds delicious! I'm a lemon fan anyway. (except in iced tea, strange as that seems). And it looks lovely in your beautiful teacup.

  2. Sounds interesting, this is seems a memorable stop by.


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