Friday, February 26, 2016

An elegant new teacup

Today I wanted to share the last of the new teawares I recently received from my friend Ann. She said I needed this yellow teacup since it has pink and yellow roses on it, and to quote that great philosopher Annie Lennox of the Eurythmics, "Who am I to disagree?"

The design is quite elegant, but what really intrigued me was that tiny, tiny base on the teacup! I've never seen one so small! There's no ridge for it in the saucer, either, which I find interesting, yet I must say it does balance there just perfectly.

I love plates that are reticulated like this (meaning the porcelain features a pierced design).

It's a lovely new addition to my teacup collection, and I'm so grateful my friend thought of me when deciding to pass along some of her mom's lovely old things.


  1. How pretty! That is the tiniest base I've ever seen on a teacup, though. But it is a lovely set, and I'm glad your friend gave it to you.

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    1. Stunning !!!!!!
      (misspelled 1st comment)

  3. Such a nice and dainty addition to your collection.

  4. I have never seen anything like that either - and it balances? No kidding? What a sweet gift from your friend. She's found the right recipient to be sure! ♥

    Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs.

  5. The lines of the cup lip are very unique and lovely.

  6. A beautiful teacup gift. I would wonder about the small base, but glad it stands OK.

  7. Very pretty. I've never seen a base so small either


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